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Punto de acceso inalámbrico para exteriores; N300 2.4 GHz, Antenas extraíbles

Product Highlight

El Bridge/Punto de Acceso inalámbrico para exteriores ENS202EXT proporciona velocidades en exteriores a 300 Mbps en la banda de 2.4 GHz. Este AP/Bridge de doble funcionalidad se utiliza de manera óptima con hardware de control de eficiencia energética comercial y residencial, como equipos de piscinas, sistemas de riego y pantallas de señalización digital. Emparéjelo con la antena sectorial SA2216 para un rango extendido.

  • Carcasa resistente a la intemperie con clasificación IP55 resiste climas extremos
  • Cobertura mejorada que proporciona Wi-Fi en parkings y parques
  • (2) Antenas MIMO desmontables de 5 dBi Maximizan la cobertura de 360 °
  • PoE: extiende la alimentación a áreas no cableadas;
  • Conecte una cámara IP u otro AP a través del segundo puerto


If you are unable to find the file, please get it in the download center.

Technical Specifications


IEEE 802.11b/g/n on 2.4 GHz

Memory Capacity

Memory: 64 MB
Flash Memory 16 MB


2 External Detachable Omni-Directional Antennas
5 dBi on 2.4 GHz

Physical Interface

2 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet Ports
1 x Reset Button

LED Indicators

1 x Power
WLAN (Wireless Connection)
2.4 GHz
2 x LAN

Power Source

PoE injector (EPA2406GP)
100V~240V AC, 50-60Hz
0.4A @ 120V AC
Surge Protection: 1KV
ESD Protection
Contact: 4KV
Air: 8KV


Wall Mount
Pole Mount

Ingress Protection Marking

IP55-Rated Enclosure

Wireless & Radio Specifications

Operating Frequency


Operation Modes

Access Point
Client Bridge
Client Router
WDS: AP, Bridge

Frequency Radio

5180MHz ~ 5240MHz, 5260 ~ 5320MHz, 5500MHz ~ 5700MHz, 5745MHz ~ 5825MHz

Transmit Power

Up to 26 dBm on 5 GHz
Max transmit power is limited by regulatory power

Radio Chains/Spatial Streams

2 x 2:2

Supported Data Rates (Mbps)

5 GHz: Max 300
802.11a: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54
802.11n: 6.5 to 300 (MCS0 to MCS15)

Supported Radio Technology

802.11a/n: Orthogonal frequency-division Multiplexing (OFDM)


802.11n with 20/40 MHz channel width
802.11a with 20 MHz channel width

Supported Modulation

802.11a/n: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM

Management Features

Multiple BSSID

Supports up to 4 SSIDs

VLAN Tagging

Supports 802.1q SSID-to-VLAN tagging
VLAN Pass-through

Spanning Tree




v1, v2c, v3


I/II, Private MIB

Environmental & Physical

Temperature Range

Operating: -4°F to 140°F, -20°C to 60°C
Storage: -22°F to 176°F, -30°C to 80 °C

Humidity (Non-condensing)

Operating: 90% or less
Storage: 90% or less

Dimensions & Weight

ENS202EXT Device

Weight: 0.66 lbs.
Width: 3.93″ (100 mm)
Length: 7.08″ (186 mm)
Height: 1.14″ (29 mm)

Package Contents

– ENS202EXT Outdoor AP
– PoE Injector (EPA2406GP)
– Pole Mount Ring
– Mounting Screw Set
– Quick Installation Guide
– 2 External Detachable Omni-Directional Antennas




Model Comparison




Model Number
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11n 802.11ac Wave2 802.11ac Wave2
Radio 2.4 GHz 5 GHz 2.4 GHz & 5GHz
Max. Data Rates(2.4 GHz) 300 - 400 Mbps
Max. Data Rates(5 GHz) - 867 Mbps 867 Mbps
Max. Data Rates(6 GHz) - - -
Radio Chains 2 x 2:2 2 x 2:2 2 x 2:2
Transmit Power on(2.4 GHz) Up to 26 dBm - Up to 27 dBm
Transmit Power on(5 GHz) - Up to 23 dBm Up to 27 dBm
Transmit Power on(6 GHz) - - -
Antenna 2 x 5 dBi SMA-Type Omni (Detachable) 2 x 5 dBi Omni SMA-Type (Detachable) 4 x 5 dBi Omni SMA-Type (Detachable)
Power-over-Ethernet 24V Proprietary 24V Proprietary 24V Proprietary
Ethernet Ports 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
Mounting Type Wall/Pole Pole/Wall Pole / Wall
Dimensions 100 x 186 x 29 mm 100 x 185 x 27 mm 191.6 x 114.3 x 47.7 mm
Mesh Technology - - Yes
Cloud To-Go app - - -
EnWiFi app Yes Yes
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