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EnGenius Collaborates with QSAN Technology Inc Leveraging our Cloud Enabled ECS5512 10GbE Switch to achieve an End-to-End Connectivity Solution for the QSAN’s XCubeNXT and XCubeNAS Series.

April 21, 2021


Eindhoven City, Netherlands – April 22, 2021– EnGenius, a multinational networking company, known for delivering cloud and on-premises solutions for small and medium business today is pleased to announce in collaboration with QSAN Technology Inc, for leveraging our cloud-enabled ECS5512 10GbE cloud switch to achieve an end-to-end 10G connectivity solution for the QSAN’s XCubeNXT and XCubeNAS series.

The demand for data is increasing in two ways: More complex data is required, and more users want to get data at the same time. This results in requests for higher data rates on both wired and wireless connections. For wireless 11ax is introduced and for wired connections, LAN speeds with up to 10GbE on copper are available now. EnGenius adapts the 10GbE on copper technology into the new 10GbE series switches.

EnGenius 10GbE Cloud switches are designed to meet the increasing requirement of bandwidth-demanding tasks to provide blazing-fast transfer speed for NAS and SAN applications. Communicating with 10GbE switches improves the speed and enables end devices to access large files faster via a 10GbE NAS. 10GbE data rate on LAN enlarges both headroom and capacity for data transfer across information sources (e.g., storage devices) and therefore rules out bottlenecks between switches.

About QSAN
QSAN has been a forward-looking pioneer in the IT industry that is committed to data protection. QSAN creates simple, safe, reliable, and uninterrupted storage services for businesses of all sizes. Our high-cost performance ratio connects the global leaders that help them turn data into creative momentum, build dynamic capabilities for digital transformation, and make flexible strategies to enhance business operations.

QSAN’s unified storage featuring 10GbE connectivity provides an all-in-one platform application and non-disruptive service. The storage devices are designed in various form factors varying from tower NAS to rackmount NAS to meet the demand of all sizes of business. Their innovative software ensures data integrity.

ZFS-based file system adopts end-to-end checksums to detect and correct silent data corruption. The powerful OS, which offers AES-256, SED, and WORM mechanism, doubles the security level for all clients’ important data. Moreover, XCubeNXT and XCubeNAS series’ UI assists their clients with preventing data theft or backdoor cyberattack. Handling data security in multiple means, QSAN focuses on building a safe environment for all industries.
For more information, please visit: www.QSAN.com

“We are always dedicated to delivering storage solutions with core competence. Cooperating with EnGenius Networks is a pleasant move as we expect a 10GbE switch connectivity solution to help all sizes of our clients with better performance under highly secured data protection,” said Phil Tai, Product Management Director of QSAN.

The adaption of 10GbE LAN by QSAN accelerates the data rate on copper. To ensure the interoperability of EnGenius and QSAN’s devices, compatibility tests are done between the models. The EnGenius ECS5512 10GbE cloud switch is fully tested in the lab of QSAN Technology in Taiwan and has been qualified as well as added to the compatibility matrix.

Data is essential to all businesses; QSAN, therefore, values data safety. While QSAN offers corresponding solutions to various data security concerns, EnGenius focuses on data rates for a smoother experience. Together, EnGenius and QSAN teams have succeeded in meeting all the requirements and proven 100% interoperability with each other.

“We at EnGenius are extremely proud to collaborate with QSAN to deliver a solution to meet today’s rapid data growth challenges. Not only is the future of 10GbE booming in the media and the entertainment sector but is also thriving in the surveillance market. Together, we meet all the requirements, to ensure that our joint venture will grant customers with a highly competitive expanded solution!” said Derk Keuter, Regional Sales Manager at EnGenius.

About EnGenius
EnGenius is a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative network solutions. We offer cloud and on-premises solutions including Wi-Fi6 access points, mesh access points, and ethernet switches for both indoor and outdoor deployment. The B2B solutions are used worldwide by department stores, cafés, airports, hotels, hospitals, event locations, resorts, museums, and many other applications.
Our mission is to deliver best-in-class data solutions that enhance productivity and embrace simplicity. We believe connectivity should come with a promise of reliability, rich features, and personalized service while maintaining affordability.

For more information, visit: www.engeniusnetworks.eu/

Media Contact: Tanvi Guard/ Camilo Breddels
Email: marketing@engeniusnetworks.eu
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The Netherlands

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