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EnGenius Debuts Three Brand New Features for its Cloud Network Management Platform (ENG)

April 28, 2020

The New AI-driven EnGenius Cloud management tools create more efficient, customizable and secure networks

EnGenius announces the next three feature releases for EnGenius Cloud delivering new functions to enhance management and troubleshooting of wireless networks. To simplify troubleshooting, the new Client Timeline creates a visualization of device connection history to assist IT personnel in finding potential issues in an easier and faster way. In addition to this, splash page customization tools provide greater customizability in creating your network’s introduction to visitors. Finally, the client blocklist feature enables administrators to block rogue client devices from accessing specific SSIDs. With the latest feature releases to the company’s growing cloud solution, IT administrators all over the world are empowered to achieve greater efficiency in their network management.

Troubleshoot with Client Timeline Visualization

With the lack of network information and error reporting tools, a complex network can spend vast amounts of time locating and fixing simple problems through troubleshooting.

The client timeline creates an interface that enables IT administrators to track client connection histories, gain insights into client behavior, and solve network issues easier and faster. IT personnel can detect connection patterns, radio information and wireless problems with easy-to-comprehend graphical representations. The time-based client connection sequence makes troubleshooting easier and recommends possible solutions to implement for common problems.

Customize Your Splash Page with Greater Flexibility

The cloud networking evolution continues the splash page, where EnGenius offers customization tools with more flexibility for their client’s needs. IT personnel can customize the splash page with a design that suits your company’s aesthetic. Pre-made templates, logos, images and a WYSIWYG editor for inserting custom HTML offer maximum flexibility in crafting the captive portal introduction in a way that your company wants it to be seen by visitors before accessing the network.

Block Suspicious Clients to Safeguard Network Security

Keeping your network secure from malicious intruders is among the highest priorities to IT administrators. The client blocklist feature enables administrators to deny client devices with suspicious activity that may influence network security or speed from accessing the network. This can be done for specific SSIDs by selecting client devices from the device list to block out or by manually entering in the device’s MAC address.

To learn more about how EnGenius is building the future of cloud managed wireless networking, visit https://www.engenius.ai

About EnGenius 

EnGenius is an international manufacturer of innovative network solutions for over 20 years and today has numerous subsidiaries worldwide. EnGenius offers complete wireless and wired networking solutions including the latest technology Wi-Fi 6 access points, mesh access points as well as network switches for both indoor and outdoor deployment. The B2B solutions are used worldwide by department stores, cafés, airports, hotels, hospitals, event locations, resorts, museums, and various other applications.

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